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Personal Injury Lawyer | Slip & Fall | Wrongful Death Attorney :.

Personal InjuryWe’ve heard all the names for personal injury lawyers. But we beg to differ. If you’ve been injured or suffered the wrongful death of loved one, you need more than sympathy. You need an advocate. You need a personal injury attorney.
We agree that personal responsibility is important. That’s why our law firm will fight for your rights. We insist the “responsible party” actually is responsible–to you.

One of your local businesses, fails to keep its sidewalk swept and shoveled, you fall. Badly. He says, “It’s not my fault, you’re just clumsy.”

Your neighbor’s pit bull bites you and your neighbor refuses to get rid of the dog.
She says, “You must have done something, she’s such a sweetie.”

A teenager is so busy texting his buddies, he fails to signal, and you crash into him. His insurance company says, “You hit him. It’s your fault.”

Just because they don’t care doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. Come see us. As personal injury lawyers, we represent a variety of situations, including:

  • Slip and falls
  • Truck/motorcycle/ car accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Wrongful death

We at the offices of Mina Diksies LLC will aggressively pursue the negligent party, and get you a personal injury settlement that will help pay the bills. If your injury caused you lost income, or negatively affected your work, we can help ease those worries.

A Car Accident Particularly Requires Personal Injury Experts

Often in car accidents, there is a great deal of pressure to “settle the matter civilly” and before you’ve even assessed damages to yourself, your car, or your passengers, you’ve agreed to keep the car accident lawyers out of it. And of course, the situation is ripe for abuse when the negligent party expresses outrage at the bill when it comes and refuses to pay. Instead of grinding your teeth and losing out on something that wasn't your fault, contact a car accident attorney.

The Mina Diksies law firm doesn’t just represent car accidents and simple slip and fall situations but more tragic cases. Money may not bring your loved one back should there be a wrongful death, but it may make the negligent party more careful, sparing someone else the pain and sadness you are experiencing. Many times fair compensation can bring a sense of closure too.
And of course, all too often the wrongful death leaves a family without support, and in these cases, a personal injury settlement will help make ends meet.

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