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US immigration law Attorney - Visa Lawyer:.

US Immigration Law AttorneyImmigration concerns are complicated…shall we even say maddening?
You discover you needed extra materials for your asylum application …after the deadline. Or they keep asking for verifying documents… you’ve already provided for them…three times.They lose your information. They confuse you with someone else. And it goes on and on.

Making sense of the US immigration bureaucracy was always difficult but in these post-911 days, it’s almost impossible. There is no reason to be at a disadvantage because you don’t know the system. We do.

We handle cases of:

  • Citizenship
  • Change in Status
  • Visas
  • Labor Certification
  • Asylum
  • Family Petition

Let us help you find your way out of this maze.
Instead of repeated applications, let our immigration lawyers speed up the process, clarify your immigration status, and generally clear the obstacles toward legal status in the US. And if there’s a change in status, Mina Diksies, a visa lawyer, is a great help there too. We’ll even accompany you to your court appearances.

And if you are marrying a foreign national, a US immigration lawyer can ensure that US immigration trusts that the marriage is on the up and up. And let you begin your new life together.

Here is where our high-tech answer to paperwork particularly works to your advantage. When filing immigration forms there always seems to be another piece of paper, another deadline, another chance to lose it all and have to start all over again.
Since we run a paperless office, we won’t misplace your forms and we won’t miss a deadline.

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