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Business Attorney - nj :. $225 Legal Fee for LLC or Corp. Registration

Owning your own business is a dream come true―or it could be your worst nightmare. Having correct legal information and appropriate document review often makes the difference. There is no lemon law for purchasing a bad business, so it’s best to engage a business attorney to review contracts, establish LLC (limited liability corporations) or other partnerships, or when necessary, be your litigation attorney to avoid going to court.

A business lawyer can verify a few key factors:

  • Absence of liens or judgments
  • Structural soundness of physical site
  • Previous owner’s currency with all taxes (sales, payroll, income etc.)
  • Working order of all purchased equipment
  • Environmental cleanliness (lack of contamination) of location

Any of these factors could threaten the health of your future business, seriously draining cash flow and profitability. Your business could also incur liability for a past owner’s action, putting undue strain on your budget and financial commitments.
A corporate attorney protects you, your business, and your opportunities.

Good business opportunities do not come round every day. Yes, you need to be careful, but you also need to be quick. Here’s where our more efficient paperless office can benefit you. Because we spend less time looking for your information, the results of our inquiries get to you faster. And if you choose to sell your business later, we’ll still be able to find those facts for the next owner, so you don’t lose that opportunity either. Speedy and thorough results from a business attorney allow you to grab the brass ring when it comes your way–and keep it.

In addition to these functions, we can help with contract negotiations, ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership, forging new partnerships or protecting your business. After that, we’ll still be with you if you’d like, as an advisor for all your legal needs.

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Our law firm can assist you with collections, whether it is from suppliers or customers. We help resolve landlord/tenant issues, conflicts with municipal, state or federal government or regulators, or any other matter in which you feel you need sound legal advice or legal services.
We, at the law offices of Mina Diksies LLC, want your dreams to come true.